ADP Update: Shakeup With Giants Wide Receivers

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There has been a lot of action behind Victor Cruz in the New York Giant's depth chart at wide receiver.  As of two weeks ago, there is a new favorite among fantasy drafters for the #2 spot for the Giants.  Let's see how it's shaking out by looking at the most recent 12-team ADP data.

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Rueben Randle (NYG) - ADP 10.05

When the Giants drafted Odell Beckham Jr with the 12th overall pick in May, Ruben Randle's stock tumbled from the 9th round to the 12th round overnight.  However, once the players actually stepped out onto the practice field, Randle has been good enough to hold onto his spot as 2nd on the depth chart.

Giants wide receivers coach Sean Ryan said in a recent interview, "I’ve seen a difference in his seriousness towards his work. This spring, I thought he was locked in. I thought he did a good job learning the new offense. Like I said, he’s got some football intelligence to him. Things come to him. He sees things pretty well. But I thought he really worked hard at being locked into the meetings and on the field as well. I noticed a difference in him."

This could simply be off-season coachspeak, or it could be a sign that Randle is a 3rd-year breakout candidate.  If the Giants' offense rebounds, he could end up seeing a lot of targets this year.

Odell Beckham Jr (NYG) - ADP: 13.06

As a high pick in the NFL draft, Odell Beckham quickly zoomed ahead of Randle in fantasy rankings. However, he's fallen behind him due to a combination of Randle's recent performance, and fantasy drafters remembering that wide receivers are rarely impactful in their rookie year.

OBJ's long-term upside is tremendous. He has ridiculous hands, is deadly after the catch, and is a well-polished route runner. His dynasty rookie ADP is hovering around 1.07, and he has both a high-floor and a high ceiling.


In the short term, Randle is still the WR2 for the Giants, but Beckham is more than capable of moving past him in the future.  For dynasty, OBJ still seems like a sure thing, but in redraft mock drafts, Randle is getting more love.

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