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I received my copy of Pro Football Prospectus 2008 this week, and I'm excited.  I've read it for the past three years and it's packed with lots of great analysis.  Being a numbers guy, this book hits the sweet spot for me.

If you're not familiar with it, half the book is analysis and projections for NFL teams, and then the other half is projections for individual players.  They also compile projected fantasy points for each player and rank them by VBD at the end of the book.

The player projections are good because in general they are modest for almost everyone.  It helps me keep a level head when I'm really positive about a player and might draft him too early.  Their trends usually show players that have great years regress to the mean the next.

One player that they project to do well is Aaron Rodgers (if he gets a chance to play that is).  However,  I still remember a few years ago when they projected Kevin Jones and Julius Jones to be #1 and #2 in rushing yards.   Whoops!  I'll let that one slide even though I took Kevin Jones in most of my leagues that year because of their advice.

Despite the occasional bad projection, it's still a good book for fantasy football fans and especially those who like to analyze statistics.  I'll try to write more about the book once I've finished it.  At over 500 pages, I know there's plenty of material to cover.

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