Interesting Stats From Week 3

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Here's a look at some key stats from week 3:

Earnest Graham stopped by the Bears

Earnest Graham had averaged 8.3 yards per carry through week 2. Against the Bears, however, he got shut down and averaged a measly 1.3 ypc. He would have done even worse had they not gone into overtime because he had only eight yards on 10 carries through four quarters.

Although Chicago successfully stopped the run, they did leave the door open for Griese to throw for 403 yards and maneuver a win. That may signal to future opponents that they have to respect the Tampa Bay passing game and leave some holes open for Graham.

Unexpected quarterback standouts

Would you have guessed that the top four quarterbacks of week 3 (through Sunday) ranked by QB rating would be:

  1. J.T. O'Sullivan (123.3)
  2. Matt Ryan (120.6)
  3. Chad Pennington (113.8)
  4. Jason Campbell (112.2)

[Edit: Philip Rivers had a 130.0 rating against the Jets on Monday night]

Also throw in Ronnie Brown's perfect 158.3 QB rating against the Patriots, which tops the list of surprising performances this week.

The worst quarterbacking of the week was done by Derek Anderson who put up a 22.9 QB rating. That wasn't the kind of game he needed to keep Brady Quinn on the bench.

Philly D holds strong

Despite facing Steven Jackson, Marion Barber, and Willie Parker this year, Philadelphia's rushing defense is the best in the league and has allowed only 45 rushing yards per game and just one rushing TD.

The Eagles face off against the Bears in week 4, and it looks like they will give Matt Forte a tough time. No running back has more than 63 yards against them.

How bad is Detroit?

There are now public calls by the Lions' Vice Chairman for Matt Millen to leave. Is it really that bad though?

Let's see... their rushing defense is last in the league allowing 207 yards per game.

Their passing defense is only the 23rd worst in the league, but every quarterback they've faced so far is in their first year as a starter (Ryan, Rodgers, O'Sullivan).

The offense has struggled equally with the 4th-worst rushing attack in the league. Also, Kitna leads the league in interceptions (5) and has been sacked the second most in the league (12).

The Lions have a bye this week, but the Bears will be eagerly waiting for them in week 5.

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