ADP Update: Which Packer Do You Want?

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Although the Green Bay Packers lost their star Brett Favre last year, not much changed in the Green Bay offense.  Compare the stats of Aaron Rodgers 2008 to Favre 2007:

Rodgers (2008): 4038 yds, 28 TDs, 13 INTs

Favre (2007): 4155 yds, 28 TDs, 15 INTs

Rodgers' success was a surprise to many, but he's clearly not surprising anyone this year.  He and the other stars of the Packer offense are all being drafted between the 2nd and 4th rounds this year, as their ADP graph shows.

There has been some fluctuation in their values with with Greg Jennings and Aaron Rodgers rising slightly.

Overall it looks like most drafters are anticipating repeat seasons from these three cheese heads.  Might some of them be overvalued or undervalued though?

Ryan Grant reached 1203 yards on 312 carries last year, but had a disappointing 4 touchdowns.  Jennings was hot at the start last year, but cooled off at the end.  Rodgers needs to prove that his one year with Favre-like stats wasn't a fluke.

These three players are going to be key to many fantasy teams this year, and each has a lot of upside.  If they can be a little more consistent then they could become a fantasy powerhouse.  They sure have the talent for it.

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