Site Update: Historical ADP Data

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You can now see ADP data from 2008 and 2007 on the Average Draft Position page.  Browsing through it really brings back memories.

Remember when Shaun Alexander was a top 6 pick?  How about taking Travis Henry at the end of the 1st round?  Anyone feel like making either of those picks this year?

Top 20 Running Backs From 2007:

You can use the filters on the ADP page to view by year.  For the impatient, here is the 2008 ADP and the 2007 ADP.

The graphs still show just 2009 data.  The archived data is only a snapshot of the last ADP before the season started, and is only available for 12-team leagues now.

Trend Spotting

The most noticeable trend over the years has been a rush of non-RBs into the first round.  In 2007, 11 out of 12 first-round picks were RBs.  In 2008 that dropped to 9 out of 12, and in 2009 it's holding at 9 out of 12 also.

Go nuts!  See what trends or interesting facts you can find by digging through the ADP data.

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