New Feature: Support for keeper league drafts

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Big new feature announcement:  Fantasy Football Calculator now has support for keeper leagues.

If you're in a keeper league, these applications will work perfectly for you and your draft:

  • Draft Simulator - mock draft against the computer
  • Draft Calculator - track your own live draft
  • Hosted Drafts - host your own private draft for your league

Those applications are all part of the Premium Membership and Commish Membership.

Keepers can be configured to be selected in any arbitrary round. So if you want Jamaal Charles as a keeper for Team A in the 3rd round and Keenan Allen as a keeper in the 7th round, that's easy to do.  Each team can have a different number of kept players also.

Just configure the keepers once, and re-use them for all simulations, tracked drafts, or hosted drafts.  The computer will automatically take those players when that pick arrives.

Also, the computer algorithm has been enhanced so that it takes keepers into consideration when making a selection.  For example, if a team has kept Peyton Manning, the computer isn't going to select a quarterback in the first round.  It will know that there is already a starting QB on the roster, and wait until it would normally select a backup quarterback.  This works across all roster positions.

Here is a screenshot of the page where you configure keepers:


And this is how it looks like inside your draft room:



So if you are in a keeper league and you want to mock draft against the computer, try out the Premium Membership!

And if you're a league commissioner with keepers and you want to easily host your keeper league draft, sign up for the Commish Membership.

Both plans have a 100% money-back guarantee.  Give it a try, and you'll get a full refund if you're not satisfied.


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