Draft Strategy: Standard Scoring, 14-Teams 1 spot

What is the best draft strategy? We crunched the numbers and found the best strategy for every single draft position.

By looking through thousands of recent Standard 14-team mock drafts, you can now easily see the best draft strategy for the 1st spot.

Even the most experienced fantasy players can get confused on draft day.

Don't mess up your Standard mock draft. Use these proven strategies below.

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Draft Spot

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These are the best draft strategies for the first three rounds calculated for the 1st draft spot:

Best Strategies for 14-Team Standard Drafts From the 1st Position

Rd. 1 Rd. 2 Rd. 3 Proj. FP/Wk Frequency Freq.
RB RB WR 82.3 24
RB WR RB 82.3 26
RB WR WR 81.3 21
RB RB RB 79.0 42

How This Data Was Calculated

To calculate the best strategies for each draft position, first we projected the fantasy points of thousands of teams drafted in our public mock drafts.

Then, we grouped the teams by what position they drafted in rounds 1, 2 and 3 and took the average projected fantasy points per week for each positional strategy.

Finally, we sorted them all by how many projected fantasy points each positional draft strategy is expected to score. The top row in the table above shows the positional strategy expected to score the most fantasy points per week this year.

You can also see how many times people used that strategy in the public mock drafts by looking at the Frequency column in the table.

Note: We don't advocate going into your draft with just one dedicated draft strategy that you feel that you must adhere to. It's always best to be flexible and adapt to what value falls to you in your particular draft. Use this tool as one resource of many in your tool belt on draft day.

Data is based on the past 72 hours of mock drafts. Computer teams are not included.

Projections provided by RotoWire.