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Average Draft Position: 12 teams, 15 rounds, Standard Format (2013)

Data from 992 fantasy football mock drafts between September 2, 2013 and September 4, 2013

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Archive data for 12-teams only
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This data is archived from 2013. You probably won't want to draft from this. View current ADP data.

# Pick Name Pos Team Graph
1 8.06 Seattle Defense DEF SEA
2 8.12 San Francisco Defense DEF SF
3 9.09 Chicago Defense DEF CHI
4 9.10 Houston Defense DEF HOU
5 10.07 Cincinnati Defense DEF CIN
6 11.01 Denver Defense DEF DEN
7 11.03 New England Defense DEF NE
8 12.03 Baltimore Defense DEF BAL
9 13.01 Los Angeles Defense DEF LA
10 13.06 Pittsburgh Defense DEF PIT
11 14.01 Arizona Defense DEF ARI
12 14.02 Green Bay Defense DEF GB
13 14.08 Cleveland Defense DEF CLE
14 14.09 Tampa Bay Defense DEF TB