Fantasy Football Draft Strategy

There are a lot of different fantasy football draft strategies. How do you know which one is best?

Let’s address some general strategies and their implications:

Fantasy Football Draft Strategies


The RB/RB fantasy football draft strategy involves always taking a running back with your first two picks. This was an older, traditional strategy several years ago before the increase in running backs by committee. Now, since you can count all of the workhorse RBs on one hand, this strategy is generally seen as outdated.

Zero RB

The Zero RB fantasy football draft strategy goes in the opposite direction as RB/RB. It says that these days, wide receivers are more valuable, and stud running backs that won’t bust are virtually impossible to find. This fantasy football draft strategy approaches the running back position by putting together backup and time share running backs later in the draft.

Late Round QB / QB Streaming

The late round QB fantasy football draft strategy only focuses on the quarterback position. It has grown in the past several years as even mediocre NFL quarterbacks have started putting up solid fantasy numbers.

But which fantasy football draft strategy should you use?

The key is to be flexible and practice. Try a a bunch of fantasy football mock drafts with each strategy. Also, always check the average draft position of your players before drafting them. You don’t want to reach for players too soon, or miss out on your target players.

Also, here on Fantasy Football Calculator, we have a unique fantasy football draft strategy tool. It lets you dive into data for mock drafts to see what strategies people are using and how well they work.

You don’t get any bonus points for following a fantasy football strategy perfectly. You only get points for the ones your players score for you. You can test out these strategies in just a minute or two with a fantasy football mock draft.