Fantasy Football Rankings

Fantasy football rankings are critically important. They are necessary in the pre-season to help you determine who to draft. And they are needed during the season to know who to start.

This article will help you understand the details around rankings for every position and for key scoring systems.

Tiered Fantasy Football Rankings

Many people prefer to create or view tiered fantasy football rankings. Creating tiers is useful for when you have many similar players ranked the same. It’s hard enough to predict how everyone will perform, and sometimes a projection for a group of players is close enough that you can consider them all equal. When it comes time to draft from your tiered rankings, if you see only one player left in a tier at a position, that’s a good indication that you should draft them, as you don’t want to have to drop down to a lower tier.

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Customizable Fantasy Football Rankings

It’s important to ensure that your fantasy football rankings are customized to your scoring settings. If you’re in a 2-QB league, your overall rankings will be vastly different than if you were in a non 2-QB league. Always make sure to know the scoring setting a set of rankings were generated from when making your rankings for 2017.

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Running Back Fantasy Football Rankings

In 2017, running backs can be difficult to rank. In recent years, there have been highly ranked running backs that underperformed, while low-ranked running backs did exceedingly well.

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Wide Receiver Fantasy Football Rankings

Wide receivers can sometimes be the easiest position to predict as long as there are no changes to their situation. If they have the same quarterback in the same offensive system, wide receiver production can be the easiest to predict of all the positions.

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Quarterback Fantasy Football Rankings

Quarterback fantasy football rankings are important to get right. There are times when a quarterback stands out among all the rest and can win a championship. There are other years when all quarterbacks perform the same and don’t stand out at all.

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Tight End Fantasy Football Rankings

Tight end rankings and generally heavily tiered. A handful of top tight ends stand out among the rest, while all the others are lumped together in a general group. It’s hard to predict which of those in that general group my outperform the rest.

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Keeper Fantasy Football Rankings

Keeper fantasy football rankings are important for those in keeper leagues. When you have to decide who to keep, a set of keeper rankings is invaluable. The factor that plays into this the most is the age of the player and how consistent their situation will be. If you have two similar players, but one is younger, you will generally want to keep the younger player since you can have them for several years or more. Typical re-draft rankings for 2017 aren’t enough for keeper leagues, and can actually be misleading.

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Standard Fantasy Football Rankings

2017 fantasy football rankings for standard scoring leagues are the basic types of rankings you’ll see online. Standard is the default scoring system for most leagues.

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PPR Fantasy Football Rankings

Fantasy football rankings for PPR are more popular these days. PPR scoring leagues need rankings that account for players who get a lot of receptions. These players are either slot wide receivers or 3rd down running backs. They get a boost in PPR fantasy football rankings.

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2QB Fantasy Football Rankings

2-QB fantasy football rankings are heavily skewed toward the quarterback position. It can be difficult just to find starting quarterbacks in a 2-QB league. Don’t be surprised if your league mates draft a quarterback with each of their first two picks in a 2QB fantasy football draft.

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Dynasty Fantasy Football Rankings

Dyansty rankings for fantasy football are greatly different from standard re-draft rankings. Since you can usually keep players for their entire career without penalty, younger players get a huge boost over older veterans.

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Dynasty Rookie Fantasy Football Rankings

Dynasty rookie fantasy football rankings are only the new rookies coming into the NFL draft in 2017.

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